FJAAK011, Vinyl

FJAAK011 Vinyl

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12" | 180 g11,90 € 


Introducing the forthcoming vinyl single from FJAAK's highly anticipated album, "FJAAK THE SYSTEM." Featuring three electrifying stompers and an exclusive acapella track tailored for DJ tool usage, this release promises to captivate techno enthusiasts and vinyl aficionados alike.

First up, "A1 - Redemption" unleashes an ancient acid-techno anthem, pulsating with acidic elements and an unmistakable old-school vibe. Its hard-hitting beats and minimalist structure reflect the chaotic state of our world's system, while sporadic vocal shots weave a narrative of societal disarray, urging listeners to delve into the madness.

Next, "A2 - Hustle" encapsulates the relentless journey of artists striving to leave their mark in the world of music. With pulsating futuristic breakbeats and driving rhythms, the track embodies the dedication and passion fueling their creative pursuits, amidst the challenges of the road and the vibrant energy of the techno scene.

Then, "B1 - Mechanic Love" delves into the intricate dynamics of relationships in a technologically infused world. Exploring the blurred boundaries between humans, machines, and cyborgs, the track navigates themes of love, intimacy, and companionship within a futuristic realm where humanity's evolution converges with technological innovation. It's a symphony of emotion and machinery, inviting listeners to ponder the complexities of existence.

Lastly "B2 - Unity" featuring US artist Red Eye, the vinyl single includes an exclusive acapella version of a track featured on the upcoming album, providing DJs with a versatile tool for creative mixing and experimentation.