CROWD003: Sitting Ducks EP, //// X CLUB. 12

CROWD003: Sitting Ducks EP //// X CLUB. 12", 180g heavyweight

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 FJAAK's CROWD label proudly presents the third EP, this time by X CLUB., Australia's freshest export, showcasing their signature tribal rhythms & euphoric vibes. Kicking it off with 'Hold On (Chop'D n Screw'D Mix),' a dance floor anthem featuring flashy synths, euphoric vocal cries, and a rolling baseline. 'Sitting Ducks' keeps the energy levels high with fast-speed drums, tribal percussion, old-school stabs, and a dominating bass. Lastly, 'No One' offers a stripped-back banger with turbo-charged synth motifs, well-swung claps aligned with robust drum grooves. Despite their young age, X CLUB. has achieved remarkable success in the underground scene. Join the CROWD and experience a mix of techno's purest roots of CROWD003 firsthand!