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The long awaited next installment of the Spandau20X series comes a spicy one: 

X02 is a collection of 40 (!) locked grooves featuring contributions from every member of the crew. 

Anna Z, J.Manuel, Claus Schöning, Elli Acula, Rifts, Dajusch, Nikk, Fadi Mohem, Tobi Neumann & Label heads FJAAK provide heavy utility DJ tools here, that you can keep playing forever. 

These copies are limited & will fly away quick, so do take this advice seriously and secure yourself this special bundle including 2 Locked Groove Vinyls + the Spandau20 slipmat, made of light and soft felt with retroreflective applications!

Artists: Various
Cat.: SPND20X02

Anna Z. 1-4
Claus Schoening 1-4
Dajusch 1-4
Fadi Mohem 1-4

Tobi Neumann 1-3
J.Manuel 1-6
Nikk 1-5
Rifts 1-4
Elli Acula 1-2